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In Trastevere:
Palazzo dei Ponziani
Via di Vasculari  61
00153 Rome
tel.+39 06 5812125, +39 06 5882408

Hotel Silva, Via A. Bosio 20A - 00161 Roma. Tel: +390644258926. www. (bus 62 goes into the centre of Rome, or via metro - stop Bologna)
A 3 star hotel, nothing fancy but just fine and clean.

Other suggestions

Hotel Reservation Roma. You can call them on +39 066991000, tell them what type of accomodation you are looking for, they give you the different possibilities available and if you wish, you can immediately book, using your credit card.

Another possibility would be to rent an apartment in the heart of Rome, near the Colosseum. You can find information at The numbers of the apartments are 138 and 138b. To book contact the owner directly : Marco Ubaldini, mobile +393387192368, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
None of our guests have been here yet, as far as we know. We are curious to hear your experiences.

You can also book through the website, they have best prices (much cheaper than booking directly at a hotel) and very good info on the hotel, with many reviews.

Eco Hotel – a 3 star hotel, eco friendly. Very clean, extremely kind staff and excellent breakfast. Rooms are silent and one can have wifi (does not work very well all the time). In the central area a pc is for general use (free).
Many buses take you to the centre in ten minutes you are in Trastevere and also at the Vatican. At night buses are less often, but the metro goes close by and you can walk the last few kms or take a taxi.

The owners of La Vigna also have two apartments in the centre of Rome. One near the Piazza Navona, the other in the area of the Collosseum. This is their website: You can contact them directly. Minimum stay is 3 nights.

Also the owners of Borgo Spoleto have rooms in Rome. This is a small but fancy hotel/B&B where you can also stay for one night only. This is their website: