How to use this website

You should have received a username and password from us. On the right hand site you can log in.

General guest information

The menu "Important information" is for everybody to read through carefully. 

Once logged in you will see 'Guest Information'. The first article 'Practical Information' is of interest to everybody. It has general information on the area as well as some important telephone numbers and general advice.

The article about the Lake Trasimeno is mostly of interest to those staying in that area. However in case you will be visiting for a day the Trasimeno area, you might want to read through this. This also applies to the information on the Upper Tiber Valley. 

The rest of the information speaks for itself. Please leave through and print the things you are interested in.


You can find the directions to the holiday houses in the column on the right hand side. Select the house you have rented and click on its name. This takes you to the directions.

We have included a map with a pointer where the house is. The map shows as a street map, but you can choose to see the satellite view. Please note that not all satellite pictures in Umbria are up to date, so what you see on google map is not always what is there in reality. You can also get directions directly via google maps by clicking on the pointer.

Please PRINT the directions even when you will be travelling with a GPS and have found the house already on there. It happens that the GPS or your smart phone device does not work in some areas and finding the house will become difficult, if not impossible. You can print the directions by clicking on the small icon on top of each article.