Arrival & departure


The normal arrival times are between 16.00 and 19.00 hours, unless otherwise stated in the agreement or on the directions.

Please note that the owners or caretakers will be waiting for you at the house. Let us know in advance at what time you will be arriving (your expectation). We will inform the owners / caretakers. In case you are delayed please send the owners an sms or call them so they will not be waiting in vain.

Some owners require guests to send an sms an hour of half an hour before arrival. This is then clearly stated on the directions. Please make sure you do not forget because otherwise you might find yourself in front of a locked gate or house.

In some cases it is possible to arrive at a different time. Arriving earlier in the day is very difficult because the owners need time to clean. Therefore arrival before 16.00 hrs is hardly ever possible.


Departure in most cases is before 9.30 - 10.00 hours in the morning. 
Please check that you have washed the dishes and have thrown the rubbish before you leave.


If upon arrival you are missing something in the house or have some kind of complaint, let the owners know straight away, so they can help you out. If necessary, we can be of assistance. Mind that once you are at home, we cannot help you anymore.